Step-by-Step Instructions

Every lesson comes with a scripted introduction with questions to stimulate student engagement. Step-by-step instructions help the teacher and students be creative while meeting the objectives of the lesson. 

Common Supplies

Studio Articulations uses common, household supplies to create great art. The curriculum includes a master supply list so you can order your supplies for the entire year.

Meets National Standards

As students create great art and learn about art history, they will be meeting the national standards for art. The national standards are included in every lesson. 

Art History & Culture

Every lesson includes an artist focus including the style and time period of that artist. Students will make connections between art, style, history, and culture.

Creative Thinking

Your students will develop creative thinking skills as they create their own unique artwork and develop an understanding of how and why artists think.

Spiritual development

As your little artists look at the world around them and find ways to express it, they will be able to see our awesome, creative God.